If you are looking for a new job, or a new company to work for, then you definitely know that you will have to write a good CV, so that you can increase your chances of securing employment. The process of writing a good CV can be challenging more especially due to the fact that not all people know how to go about it. Additionally, the fact that most employers will take a few seconds to glance over the CV before giving it a yes or no verdict matters a lot. But this should not worry you too much because below we are going to highlight some of the important steps and facts that you should include in your CV. Here is what you should do:

Keep it real


It is always advisable that you write a cv that is not more than two pages. Experts recommend that a two-page cv that is written on an A4 paper is enough. This is informed by the fact that, most employers will spend an average of 8 seconds to glace at any one of the CVs that has been presented for shortlisting. The only way to achieve shortlisting is by writing the most relevant information in your CV. Ensure that your cv is not only punchy, but it is straight to the point. The other details should be left for the interview date.

Tailor it

By so saying, we mean that you should write your cv in a way that suits that particular job description. Most of us have felt the victim of sending the same CV to different employers thinking that we are saving time. If you are prone to doing this, then you should stop. Take your time to change your CV so that it can properly suit the job that you are applying for. Conduct an indebt research on the company that you are applying to while using the job description to point out the skills that they want in your CV.

Always include a personal statement

Most people usually commit the mistake of assuming that the employer will find for themselves how the experience they have to relate to the job that they are applying for. To ensure that your CV stands out, one is encouraged to use a short personal statement with the aim of explaining why you are the best-suited person for that particular job.

Ensure your CV has no gaps

Ensure that your CV does not have any obvious gaps because this usually makes an employer suspicious. This can worry those individuals who have been out of work, but always put a positive remark to cover the gap.

Keep it current

Whether you are out there looking for a job or not, you should make sure that your CV is up to date. Ensure that you put anything that happens in your career on your CV.

Tell the truth

fthfhgcfgcgcghchgWe assume that everyone tells one or two lies on their CV. But you should avoid telling blatant lies on your CV as this can cause you a lot of trouble than good. The last thing that one could wish for is starting work then losing it due to lying. Also, it will be awkward to you if you are not able to answer any questions in an interview which you claim to be knowing.